What is Benew?

Be New story is one of innovation, of dreaming beyond the ordinary, of caring for the common man which would translate into creating a business empire whose greatest wealth would be its people, whose greatest success will be its passion, and with only philosophy- dare to dream and make those dreams come alive. In todays hectic and fuzzy lifestyle any individual is suffering from physical or mental pain as one is not much concern about body or mental stress.

BE NEW Program is centered on ancestral health principles, a scientifically validated wellness plan that mimics that of our primal ancestors and supports our genetic evolutionary blueprint with real-food, low-carb eating, inspired movement and play, and stress-reduction and balance in all aspects of life. As part of the ancestral health movement, BE NEW lifestyle behavior program has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and counting.

How we are different:-
Be New program provides the most in-depth and up-to-date ancestral health conscious lifestyle medicined in the world, equipping you with an arsenal of well-informed alternative choices based on science and experience in order to best serve our clients’ goals. Using the model of Integrative Health Coaching, rooted in developmental and humanistic psychology, we shape expert coaches into persuasive catalysts for offering healthy lifestyle which can Spark our clients’ craving for knowledge and help them access their sense of purpose and live according to their core values. Up-level your ability to motivate and inspire everlasting change.

Our mission is to create a global network of BE NEW to transform the health and consciousness of our communities into ones of optimal wellness and happiness through ancestral health.
BE NEW has been created along with value – a change for the good, and give back to society.

I want to lose weight which product of yours should I go for?

In case you are looking for an effective weight loss solution, we would like to recommend our one-month body better – body Better Plus (+) – Body better LX to you. It results in oriented & one of best combo great solution for weight loss. with this combo spleen, you can target looking weight up to 4 to 6 Kg. In month very easily. you can continue. this combo till you reach your designed weight

Is it safe?

Yes, our product is 100% safe & effective our product is based on ayurvedic & necrotrophy. it is a dietary product & is use safe.this will help you to reduced effective & dexterity Body.

How much weight will I lose in a month?

You can target a comfortable weight loss of 4 to 6 Kg in month with more Exercise & following Diet chart, you can lose more, we can't give you exact number. As result vary person to person. If you target comfortable weight loss. it will may not bounce back, you will get glowing skin & fit body by following our common guidelines.   

Some of our Customer loss 14 Kg in a month as well, But 4 to 6 Kg 

Will the weight I lose come back?

All the Weight that you will lose, you will not regain weight again. It because of healthy eating & Life Style Correction. But of course, if you start eating unhealthy food junk food & high-calorie food then, of course, you will regain the weight back. the best thing adopts a healthy lifestyle.

Product really effective?

Yes, Our product combo is 100% safe & effective it is basically based on ayurvedic & naturopathy there are so many happy customers who use this product effectively & safely.

Is it for Male & Female?

Yes, It is for both, it will help in both detoxify body & reducing weight loss.

Do we need any Exercise or GYM after taking it?

Doing regular work out improves our metabolism automatically, which in turn help in weight loss. that’s why gymming will be an added advantage for you in case you are detoxing, however in case.


I have PCOD?

yes, you will be able to lose weight effectivly with our one month
combo in case you have pcod/pcos. In this case you have to improve
your lifestyle. In such case weught lose is slow but 100% possible

Do you give any grantee?

No, we do not give any gurantee. we are selling  100% dietry product 
which helps in improving digestive system. you must improve your
lifestyle and food habits. Must follow all instruction which we
are given to you follow diet chart.

Diet chat like?

The Diet plan is a health eating diet chat, which is designed to 
improve your metabolism, improve immunty, and help you to lose
wight. It comes with both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian option.
It is very simple to follow and bassically improving your food
habit and timings.

and your product is natural?

It is 100% dieting suppliment, which are made-up of natural labs.

Common Instruction to follow:

>Drink water up to six litter
> cut cubs
>no fined food
> no sweets
>In a 10 days, 2 days are without slat
> don't eat freamented items
>maximun green vegid and fruits take improve you digestion and BMI.